Thursday, September 27, 2012

gunwale rubber fitting

Installing Gunwale Rubber on your boat

First of all a list of thing you will need, see
-gunwale rubber to suit
-soft clamps
-blue tape
-fixtech 190 fast
-heater gas blower
-heater box
-soft hammer with rag
-hot air gun
-gloves and safety equipment at all times

gunwale in heater box

gas heater heat rubber to around 65 deg C turn and let the heat soak into the rubber. Keep an eye on the heater. Make sure material used will not burn and cause a fire. Wear gloves, and safety gear for the job as it will be hot.

Fill inside of gunwale rubber with Fixtech fast around 1 tube for every 3 metres. Use a screw to hold the start point. Pull tight as you go, hold with clamps and blue tape. Make your way around boat, keep rubber in heater box to keep warm. Watch to make sure you do not burn rubber or yourself.

Fill inside with fixtech and use a soft hammer covered with a rag to protect rubber.

A hot air gun can help with keeping the temperature in the rubber, blue tape and clamp as you go.

Work and check corners, here using a clamp to help shape nose.

Finish off at the back and check your workmanship. Fix any points that need attention. Over time the rubber will settle. Leave and let the Fixtech cure for a number of days depending on outside temperatures. Once the fixtech has cured you can remove tape and fit fittings, eg end caps. We like the S/S caps for the job.

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